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"Endlessly bit him very hard and he screamed. She relaxed her grip and pulled him out and he came all over her face. Then she stood up and pressed her face up against the cage. Roger kissed her passionately and licked his own cum off her face.

"Roger was still hard and Simply looked like a crazed zombie from all this watching and not getting any. She put her feet through the second rung of bars and her arms through the fourth rung with her hands around Roger's neck. He entered her movie samples.

"Fifteen minutes later Simply had marks all over her body from pressing up against the bars and her voice was hoarse from all the screaming and yelling. I mean, she was really going apeshit for this ape and kept chanting, ‘I smell the testosterone!’

"Gloria and I decided to go home and get some sleep. Eight hours later we went back. Damn! They all were still going at it. I could not understand why Roger was not in a state of rigor mortis because of the Spanish Fly. His Roger was quite stiff but that was all.

"The girls had let Roger out of the cage and had him spread-eagled and cuffed to the bed by his wrists and ankles. Ginger, Simply and Endlessly were taking turns jumping on rigid Roger. The girls looked like predators; tiger ladies lusting after meat videos and photographs.

"Obviously Gloria and I were extremely pleased with the results of our test marketing of the Roger's Roger. His services will soon be made available to the general public. We have purchased our own zoo and soon you can come and play with the big bad monkey through the bars.

"Also, Howard Stern called. We are dressing Roger up like Rachel in a little pink plaid skirt and taking him on the show to do anal with Howard and the dwarf. A star is born!"

Caitlin paused at the conclusion of the story, out of breath image galleries and pics.

"That is one hell of a story!" Sal marveled. "You should write for that erotic website where we got those stories we read the last time we spent time together in a Jacuzzi."

"Speaking of a Jacuzzi," Kim suggested, "Let’s go back up to our suite and get nekkid and get wet."

Half an hour later they were in the Jacuzzi which seemed like it could easily fit another dozen people.

"Did somebody bring Big Bob?" Caitlin inquired, referring to the thirteen inch double dong the three girls had so much fun with before movie dvd store.

"Caitlin?" Sal asked pensively, "I know you don’t think girls playing with girls is a sin, but why? You gave us your diatribe on King Solomon and his hundreds of wives and concubines, and what they did to keep the interest up. I’ve listened to self-righteous holier-than-thou types all my life, what with my father being in politics and all. Preachers, priests and politicians, what scum of the earth."

"Hey Sal, go read the Song of Solomon, another one of the favorites of our soon to be good buddies, the ‘locust’ Harley riding seducers. The divergent expositions of the Song of Solomon are quite extraordinary. Catholic, Jewish, Fundamentalist and all the rest of the scripture lawyer nincompoops got their own unique version of the story. Hell, they can’t even figure out who is talking when. They just twist the story to fit their own narrow little doctrine. The Song of Solomon is all about erotic love and sex, sex, sex! And it doesn’t have a fucking thing to do with marriage.

"The purpose of Leviticus 18-20, with all those fucking rules, was not to put the shackles on sexual pleasure and eroticism; it was to clearly state rules for procreation. Why? Perhaps God was concerned with pure pedigree, in particular with respect to the seed of the woman through which would come the Messiah. God made it a sin for women to engage in sexual intercourse with angels, you know, the Nephilim. God made it a sin for women to engage in sexual relations with beasts, but who is to say that many human males are not beasts? But God did not make it a sin for women to pleasure other women. Now why do you suppose that is?

"Now, what about this ‘F’ word? Yep, ‘fornication.’ The word ‘fornication’ appears 32 times in the New Testament, translated from the Greek ‘porneia.’ The word means utterly unchaste. The word ‘pornography’ is of course derived from this Greek word. Surprisingly, of these 32 ‘fornications,’ 12 appear in Revelation, and all relate to spiritual unfaithfulness, the harlotry of the worship of false religions and false gods. ‘Fornication’ appears 7 times in 1 Corinthians and the 13 other occurrences are scattered throughout the bible. NOWHERE in all these verses is there ANYTHING that establishes that sex outside of marriage is absolutely prohibited, if ‘fornication’ is kept in the proper context and viewed within the theme of spiritual unfaithfulness and harlotry. Stories of bestiality: daly pic index with samples of extreme thumbnail pictures. "Speaking of harlotry, I was recently accused of being a harlot because of my views on fornication. One of those self-righteous holier-than-thou types sent me an e-mail regarding something I said on the subject. His nasty-gram started with, ‘How can you preach that we should exalt the things of the flesh is beyond me with all of the clear scripture to the contrary. Repent while there is still time. Do not allow yourself to be consumed by the spirit of Jezebel.’ Then, of course, he quoted Revelation 2:20, ‘Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants, to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.’ Now, Sal, you mentioned you were a good little Catholic girl, do you know who Jezebel was?"

"Yes indeed, I was a Catholic goody-two-shoes. The nuns never even slapped my hands. Of course I know about Jezebel; a Phoenician princess, daughter of the king of the Zidonians. She married a king of Israel, Ahab, and led him astray."

"Sal," Caitlin joked, "I’m sure you were a goody-two-shoes but look at you now. They should have locked you up in a convent. Jezebel led the king of Israel astray you say? God was so pissed off He said, II Kings 9:2, ‘… I will cut off from Ahab him that pisseth against the wall …’ and it was prophesied Jezebel would be eaten by dogs and she was. II Kings 9:35, ‘And they went to bury her: but they found no more of her than the skull, and the feet, and the palms of her hands.’ Jezebel, the ultimate historical whore, met her fate, as will Jezebel, the ultimate spiritual whore.

"Jezebel, as portrayed in Revelation 2, is thought by some to be the ‘Whore of Revelation.’ Many consider the Church of Rome to be that great harlot. Perhaps they are one and the same.

"One contemporary author who considers the Church of Rome with venom is Jack Chick. To quote from his book, Smokescreens, Chapter Four: The Whore of Revelation, ‘And on her forehead was a name written, MYSYERY, BABYLON THE GREAT. Where did Catholicism come from? If you do a little research you’ll find it came from the ancient Babylonian mysteries, and you can trace it right back to Nimrod and Semiramis. Only the names were changed to make it look like a Christian organization … Who would you say the whore of Revelation is? Is it something that will come in the future, or are we stuck with it right now? Beloved, it is obvious the whore of Revelation is the Roman Catholic Institution and God HATES it! He wants His people to come out of it so that His love can be manifested.’ A rather famous book with a similar theme is The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop."

Kim interjected zoophilia xxx stories, "Caitlin, didn’t George W. Bush get himself into a little trouble at Bob Jones University when this very subject was brought up?" "Yeah, he sure did. Bob Jones University, that’s the institution of higher learning that prohibits interracial dating."

"Well, Caitlin," Sal asked forbidden picture, "why then is the Catholic church any worse than some of these self-righteous holier-than-thou religious institutions?"

"Some would say it is not. The Church of Rome was the first harlot, the mother of harlots as some would say, but many others followed, particularly in more recent centuries."

"You know what, Caitlin," Sal concluded, "that makes perfect sense to me. I ain’t gonna argue that point. I no longer have much use for the Pope or anything else Catholic, which totally pisses off my father."

"Well, good. Not only are the Catholics pissed off at me, so are the atheists with whom I also have a running battle. I engaged in a heated debate with a militant group of atheists. Finally they threw up their hands in frustration and got real nasty. The head honcho of the bunch said this to and about me as we were bantering back and forth on an online newsgroup, ‘Idiot. You are standing in front of a tornado with your mother. The tornado picks up your mother and smashes her against a tree but you are spared. Isn’t God wonderful for sparing me? Fuck Mom. At least she’s with God now. Now get the fuck out of here and don’t come back.’ Then when I wouldn’t leave he said ‘Why did Caitlin trade her girlfriend in for an outhouse? Because the hole was smaller and the smell was better.’ Pretty rotten, ‘eh?"

"Caitlin?" Sal became very serious porn sites, "what do you think about incest? Is it morally or spiritually wrong, in your opinion?" "Well, it’s not the unforgivable sin, that’s for damn sure. Let’s see, incest. It appears to me a case could be made that Jesus Christ descended from incestuous fornication, as did King David, since they supposedly share the same ancestor, Pharez, who was begotten through Judah’s fornication with Tamar, his daughter-in-law. "The word ‘incest’ does not appear in the bible. It is from the Latin ‘incestus’ which means ‘unchaste.’ The dictionary definition of ‘incest’ is ‘sexual relations between persons so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom.’ The ‘illegal’ presents some difficulty because different countries and different states have varied definitions. The medieval church defined even spiritual relationships such as marriages between godparents and their godchildren and immediate members of their godparents’ families to be incestuous.

"The biblical concept of incest seems to be fairly well outlined in Leviticus, chapters 18 and 20, beginning with Leviticus 18:6, "None of you shall approach to any that is near of kin to him, to uncover their nakedness …" Then numerous specific examples are mentioned, such as 18:15, "Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy daughter in law …’ "Then we have the rather interesting verse, Leviticus 20:16, ‘And if a woman approach unto any beast, and lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman, and the beast …’ So I guess anybody who screwed the Scotsquatch in my story might be in big trouble." Kim began to giggle. "Sal, why did you ask about incest?" "I had sex with my father, the governor," Sal confessed guiltily.

"What?" Kim practically screamed. "Did he molest you, rape you, what?" "No, no," Sal explained, "I seduced him. It had been my intention for quite some time and it happened when I was a junior in college and home for Christmas vacation. I had already had sex with my younger brother, just to teach him the ropes so to speak, but I was incredibly attracted sexually to my father. He does that to women you know."

"Well, tell us the fucking story, will you, Sal?" Caitlin demanded. "Daddy was waiting for me at the front door when I arrived home for Christmas break. We hugged and kissed and I started crying. ‘Oh Daddy, I missed you so much! I’m so sorry I didn’t make it home for Thanksgiving. Gobble, gobble!’ "Daddy consoled me with, ‘That’s OK, Honey, I understand. With all the snow and everything, I’m glad you didn’t risk traveling. I suppose you girls were really bored, being stranded at the sorority house for the holiday.

"I lied, ‘Yes, Daddy, it was awful! Just sitting around with nothing to do. I wanted so much to be with you.’ Of course I didn’t tell Daddy we sorority sisters had a real wild and crazy orgy over Thanksgiving, but I’ll tell you that story some other time.

"Daddy responded, ‘Talking about your brother, he has a girlfriend. Her name is Samantha. Well, you’ll meet her, but she is gorgeous and a couple years older than Danny. He’s been going with her ever since that Halloween party you dropped him and his friend Ryan off at. For the life of me I can’t understand what that girl sees in your brother.’

"I couldn’t help my fit of giggling and I had to bite my tongue before I replied. ‘Danny has a girlfriend? Oh my. Well, he is smart. Maybe he knows something the other guys don’t.’ Of course, I didn’t tell Daddy about the lesson about the birds and bees I had given Danny and Ryan just before that party." "I had noticed the Santa suit in the downstairs front closet when I hung up my coat. ‘Hey, Daddy, what’s up with the Santa suit?’

"Daddy explained to me how he got drafted to play Santa at the company X-mas party. ‘In fact, I have to be there in an hour so I best get going," he said regretfully. "Daddy quickly got dressed in his outfit. I stood outside the bathroom door talking to him while he was getting ready. ‘Bring me back a present, Daddy," I begged. "I was quite impressed when he came out of the bathroom. I had the urge to knock his fake beard off right then and there. ‘What kind of present would you like, Honey?’ he asked.

"I did my best Elisabeth Shue impression and cooed seductively, ‘Something sexy, Daddy. And when you get back, will you play Santa with me. Oh please? I’ll sit on your lap and tell you what I want in my stocking.’ "A little embarrassed he seemed at my boldness, and Daddy knew I wanted to fuck him, but he kept playing the game. ‘Aren’t you a little old for that, Honey?’

"I shrieked, ‘What, for lap dancing? Not!’ Daddy blushed and we both convulsed in laughter. "Daddy left for the party and I went upstairs to my bedroom. I was exhausted and shucked off my clothes except for my panties and crawled under the covers for a nap. I must have been asleep for more than an hour when I heard my brother Danny and his best friend come in the front door. They were talking loudly and making quite a racket. The boys were talking about sex. What else do teenage dudes talk about? "Ryan was telling Danny that he finally persuaded his new girlfriend, Angela, to suck his cock. He said they watched a porn flick last night and he told her to just do what they were doing in the movie. ‘Angela has a lot to learn, Danny,’ Ryan complained, ‘but she has great potential. She spit it out but I told her if she swallows next time I’ll take her to the mall and buy her a new game for her Sega Dream Cast.’

"They began arguing about who had a bigger cock. Danny insisted his was longer and Ryan insisted his was thicker. Ah, teenage boys and their enormous egos. Then they get older and nothing much changes except they put on weight and eventually their hair turns gray.

"Danny and Ryan must have seen my suitcase sitting in the living room because they shut up. They crept up the stairs looking for me. I pretended I was still asleep as they tiptoed in and stood beside my bed. "Ryan reached over and pulled the blanket down to my waist. ‘Danny,’ he marveled, ‘your sister is still the best. Look at those hooters! I shot my wad at least a hundred times on that cheerleader pic of her you sold me.’ "At that I jumped up and screamed ‘Boo!’ and you should have seen those two jump. ‘You two dirt bags get your clothes off and get your asses in bed with me. And tell me what happened!’ I demanded. They shed their clothes quickly and got in, one on each side of me.

"I never did hear the story of what really happened on Halloween but I was sure as hell about to. Oh my, I was getting hot listening to them tell about their first experiences with tight little teenage pussy and they were getting hot telling about it. Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer and I made one fuck me while the other one talked. "Danny said with that look of worship on his face, ‘Sis, we can’t ever thank you enough for teaching us what to do. You wouldn’t believe how impressed Samantha was. Well, she didn’t exactly say that but I could sure tell the way she was squirming and yelling. And we are still together, almost two months later. Wait until you meet her!’

"Ryan then bragged he had three girlfriends since that fateful Halloween, the latest being Angela. He made me laugh when he said he wasn’t ready to settle down yet and then surprised me with his next comments. ‘Yeah, and my second girlfriend, Anais, she told me I was a much better lover than any of her other boyfriends and even better than her father. Well that just shocked the shit out of me. I didn’t know whether or not to believe her and I wasn’t about to ask questions. You know, about her and her daddy. Do you really think that sort of stuff goes on?’ I tried to ignore Ryan’s question until I could compose myself and I hoped they couldn’t tell I was blushing."

"Sal," Caitlin interrupted, "before you tell us what you said about incest, how about telling us what exactly you taught these two boys. I’m dying of curiosity about what made two geeks great lovers overnight. Did you perform a miracle, or what?" "Yeah, me too! Tell us!" Kim agreed enthusiastically. "Well, OK," Sal acquiesced. She paused for a few moments to collect her thoughts.

"Danny and Ryan were complaining that girls ignored them. ‘What girls would have sex with us, Sis?" Danny whined. "We are geeks. Girls talk to us when they have computer problems, but other than that we don’t exist. The jock types get all the pussy.’ "Well, my brother was crying and his friend Ryan looked suicidal, so I figured, what the hell. I said, ‘OK, I’ll tell you guys what. You have to learn sometime. I’ll teach you about the birds and the bees. But first, you have some chores to do.’ I made a long list, including washing and waxing my car and fixing my laptop computer I couldn’t get rebooted."

"Five hours later they told me the tasks I had given them had been completed. They even put an upgrade and a bunch of cool software on my laptop. I began the private lessons." "I started with rule number one. ‘First rule, you please the girl first. If you do, she’ll always reciprocate enthusiastically and come back for more. Now, I want you two to pay attention very closely.’ I removed my clothes and by the time I got to my bra and panties, I thought four eyes were about to pop out of two stupid heads."

"I sat on Danny’s bed and spread my legs. ‘This is a clitoris,’ I lectured as I put my finger on mine. ‘Very important. This to a girl is what your sorry little dicks are to you, get it? Danny, you go first,’ I ordered, ‘I want you to lick my clitoris. Ryan, you can kiss my breasts and nibble on my nipples while he is doing that. But keep your dicks in your pants for now.’

"I screamed as soon as Danny started, ‘Shit! Not like that Danny! You are not wolfing down a cheeseburger. Lick slowly, gently. OK, that’s better, that’s good.’ Yeow, it was better than good. I really started squirming with the eagerness of his virgin tongue. ‘Danny, I knew you had to have talent for something!’ I stammered as I came for the first time.

"Then I turned to Ryan, ‘You try it.’ This kid was smart. He paid attention and didn’t make the same mistakes Danny did. This went on until their tongues were swollen and they were having difficulty speaking intelligibly. That was nothing new but you could tell the difference between stupidity and overdosing on cunt juice."